10 reasons I needed these boots.

1. They’re shiny.

2. It’s Christmas.

3. They’re shiny.

4. It’s Christmas.

5. They’re shiny.

6. They were in the sale.

8. They’re shiny.

9. It’s Christmas.

10. They’re shiny.

I think I’ve justified it.

Did you ever have a pair of shoes when you were little that were dedicated for parties? Your party shoes? I have great memories of heading to Clarks with my mum and dad as a little’un, the shop assistant bringing out the strange contraption for measuring your feet (interestingly, John Lewis sell them here!) and then picking out my party shoes with great excitement.

This was basically my 30 year old version of that.

The most perfect shoes for the party season. Let me know if you agree.

You can check out the rest of Topshop’s metallic shoe range here! Boohoo also have a really good selection here.

Merry Christmas!


Why do we have two bottles of soy sauce?

One of life’s great questions. Or just something that has bothered me for a few days. In a life so strictly organised I can’t understand how this has passed me by. But the evidence is there loud and clear for all to see; in the cupboard above the kettle, there are two open bottles of soy sauce.

I should introduce myself. I’m Harriet, and this year I’ve turned 30, and become a homeowner, and my organisational skills have peaked. I’m inquisitive (not nosey!), and I’m interested in everything. By day I’m trapped in a corporate world of spreadsheets and numbers and by night I’m counting the bottles of soy sauce in the cupboard.

In all seriousness, when I’m not re-organising the cupboards (something my boyfriend tells me I do way too much), I’m busy planning our next adventure. Whether it be to a new brunch spot in town, to a new European city, or just a night out with friends, I like to have an agenda.

I’m not very good at doing my make-up or doing my hair, but I absolutely love life. I’m not 100% sure what this blog will bring, but hopefully a bit of entertainment, inspiration and general nice-ness.