40 before 40.

Whilst walking home from work the other day, vaguely talking about a mini festival that wraps itself around my birthday weekend in May – I had the realisation that in just over 2 months time I will be 31. My delightful boyfriend reminded me that this is only 9 years away from 40. How is life just disappearing from in front of me? This calls for some serious list making.

I’ve luckily managed to tick a few things off in the run up to 30, like find a man, get a mortgage, etc, but there is so much more to do.

  1. Master making Macaroons.
  2. Go to Download festival.
  3. Holiday in the Italian countryside.
  4. Survive without a credit card.
  5. Get a dog.
  6. Drive Route 66 in a convertible.
  7. Bake the perfect Sour Dough.
  8. Have a baby.
  9. See Wicked the Musical.
  10. Holiday in Bali.
  11. Get my dream bathroom.
  12. Win some money in Vegas.
  13. See the Northern Lights in Iceland.
  14. Get married.
  15. Run a half marathon.
  16. Grow an avocado.
  17. Go skiing.
  18. Walk up Snowden in the sunshine. (After doing it in the pouring rain it would be nice to actually see the view!)
  19. Learn to crochet.
  20. Spend less time worrying, and get a grip of my anxiety.
  21. Have afternoon tea somewhere really posh.
  22. Travel on the Orient Express.
  23. Learn Yoga/Meditation.
  24. Go to Disneyland!
  25. Do an unassisted headstand.
  26. Make use of my savings account.
  27. Spend New Years in Edinburgh – Hogmanay.
  28. Spend Christmas on a beach.
  29. Camp in the south of France.
  30. Own and actually wear matching underwear.
  31. Do the Sound of Music tour in Austria – my favourite film!
  32. Eat Vegan for a month.
  33. Do a pottery class.
  34. Be more spontaneous.
  35. Eat at a Michelin Star restaurant.
  36. Master using a piping bag to decorate bakes.
  37. Submit an application for GBBO.
  38. Get my wage to £30k+.
  39. Model in a life drawing class.
  40. Go ballroom dancing.

In the time it’s taken me to compile this list (a good few weeks), I’ve actually managed to start a couple of the things, so I’m well on they way! I’ll aim to blog about each one, and I’m weirdly now looking forward to my 40th to see how many I manage to complete! Better get started on the rest…

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